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Our Courses Will:

  • Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Like Learning to Coach Others, Our Leadership Skills for Success or Becoming a Better Leader
  • Empower You to Achieve Your Goals: Assertiveness & Self Confidence, Creative Problem Solving or Conflict Resolution
  • Let You Discover Your Passion-Finding Happiness, Defining Your Life Purpose, or Law of Attraction & Manifestation
  • Elevate Your Organization– Treasurer Training Fundamentals, Better Budgeting for Boards or Finding Your North Star
  • Develop Your Technical Skills: Minutes Mastery, Pathway Accelerator: Your Guide to PLAR, Google Docs Essentials

Featured Courses:

Educate, Elevate & Empower:

Training for Today & Tomorrow’s Non-Profit Leaders

How Many Times Have You Felt You Needed….

Professional Training

  • Role specific training for non-profits
  • Learn your current or future job
  • Easy to follow format
  • Accessible and relevant content

Technical Skills

  • Fill the technical skills gaps you may lack
  • Learn new software, processes & knowledge
  • Gain efficiency & confidence
  • Work towards certificate programs

Soft Skills

  • Enhance employability & stand out to employers
  • Boost productivity & job performance
  • Improve Self-Confidence & Leadership skills
  • Empower your relationships and Teamwork skills

Courses start at just $99.

All Courses:

Empowering the Non-Profit Sector for Success.

Resources and Learning for:

  • Affordable Training: Our training is affordable and low risk
  • Career Advancement: Stand out in competitive job markets.
  • Effective Communication: Improve relationships & teamwork skills
  • Personal Growth: Enhance Self confidence & self-awareness
  • Professional Success: Boost productivity & performance

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