Create More Value for Your Association Members!

If you are an Association of Non-Profits, social enterprises or co-operatives, you want to provide the best resources for your members. For this reason, we are offering the Non-Profit Portal at a special rate, only for members of Non-Profit Associations.

How Does it Work:

The Association buys a bulk license (in bundles of 10 memberships) and you can offer them to your membership at reduced rates. These memberships offer the full benefit of our portal, including coaching, resources & education but at 50% off the retail. These bundled memberships are normally only available for larger companies, but we wanted to provide our smaller companies with the same advantage. Each membership gets access to:

  • 4-5 expert hours per week (including accountants/finance, legal, HR and IT/cybersecurity. This is a combination of office hours and coaching hours where participants can book time to speak to industry experts with nonprofit experience
  • 250+ resources, including templates, SOP manuals, governance manuals, annual report templates and more, with 10+ being added each week
  • 30+ courses with 1 or more full course added each week. These courses cover everything from soft-skills to technical and role specific skills including: Treasurer Training, Learning to Take Minutes, Entrepreneurship, and more.
  • Network with other industry professionals, participate in our specialty subgroups-from finance to boards and risk.
  • Participate in our exclusive wholesale member purchase club, where we connect you and your members to our networks, guaranteed to save you 15%+ on core items like printing, web design, and more.

For larger associations that have an interest in building out their own community, we can help you develop your own internal community, for rates starting as low as $35,000 upfront and $20,000 per year ongoing.

Reach out to us: and we would love to chat with you about this exclusive offer.